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Manuel is in charge of purchasing food and keeping inventory for the kitchen at El Proyecto Inti Ñan. El Proyecto Inti Ñan is supported by the German charitable organization Kindernothilfe.<br />
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Kindernothilfe is one of the largest aid organizations in Europe. Each day, after regular school, children in the village come to El Proyecto Inti Ñan for lunch and supplemental education and activities. Many of the children in the village would suffer from malnutrition without lunchtime support from El Proyecto Inti Ñan.<br />
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Manuel was proud to show me the way he organizes the meat and produce for the lunch program. El Proyecto Inti Ñan has a refrigerator for storing meat, one of very few in the village. Manuel purchases meat and produce from some farmers in town and in lager regional markets. Most of the residents in San Bernardo are subsistence farmers and do not produce much, if any surplus.